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Welcome to Personal Empowerment Coaching

What do you get with the investment of $67 per month?

Looking for that leg up to help you keep on track?
Would you like to know if you are sabotaging your goals?
You probably understand that you need to be around the right people to create success. You probably know having someone stretch you is one of the best ways of getting out of your comfort zone. Brad Greentree has helped 1000 of people achieve their personal empowerment since 2006
Here is the 3 step plan to help you
1. Attend the weekly coaching session to find out what is the weekly challenge
2. Register your challenge commitment with the group
3. Have the group keep you on track and hold you accountable
Be part of the empowered group of people focused to everyone achieving personal empowerment.
Be happy, excited and empowered about life! Be the person infecting others with positive change! So say goodby to the stagnate, negative thinking and get empowered!
Monthly coaching at $67 per month
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