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Is anxiety stopping you from living the life you know you want?
Anxiety is one of the most common mental ailments today, and the numbers keep rising. Women and young people are particularly susceptible. Anyone who suffers from anxiety, from really mild to severe, knows how debilitating it can be and how hopeless it can make you feel. The good news is that you can reclaim your life. Feel excited about your future again.
This program provides the tools and resources that will enable you to get to the bottom of your anger so you can stop hurting yourself and others.
The byproducts of out of control anger can be devastating, not just for the person involved but for all those around them. Think of domestic violence and the subsequent collateral damage, or the king hitters that have killed young people and shut down an entire night club precinct. The tools and resources that Brad shares are proven to reduce the impacts of out of control anger and behaviour enabling you to create a vision for a better future. Take control of your anger today for a calm and more compassionate you.
This is a one stop shop for improving your hypnosis business.
Are you a hypnotherapist/coach struggling to make ends meet? Looking to transition out of your current job but don't have the confidence to jump into your new hypnosis/coaching business? Lacking in confidence with your hypnosis practice? If any or all of the above is you, this program is for you. This monthly program complete with 4 easy to implement modules per month, with audio and video options, will lead you to building your confidence and improving your business.
Performance  Empowerment Coaching
Looking for an effective coach to help you get clear on what you want? Improve performance? Achieve your goals?
Be the best version of yourself. Remove the self sabotage, lack of clarity & frustration that prevents you from achieving your goals in life, health and business.

Here is What They Say...

Georgina Anderson
Hope Counsellng and Psychotherapist
"As a therapist I had an old way of thinking about my anxiety and the anxiety of my clients. Now I have made anxiety history! I want to thank Brad Greentree for his guidance in helping me to completely change my thinking around anxiety and build my skills, resilience and ability to be anxiety free."
Anne Correy, Brisbane
"I had anxiety before the training with Brad; have had big improvement since. Before it was around 8/10, now I'm a 2/10 and am no longer getting up in the middle of the night feeling sick with all the things I worry about. Love a full night's sleep."
Sinead Perks
Hotel Richmond
My name is Sinead Perks and I used to have anxiety. As a 16-17 year old going through preparation of my end of year exams I had to deal with anxiety about the exam and life every day. I also had to deal with the anxiety about what other people think about me. I have made Anxiety history now I enjoy running a successful bar and manage staff that are older than me and I am confident in what I do, every day I enjoy being free of anxiety!
Angela-Rose Mangano
I met Brad at the NLP Practitioner's training last month & had great results, I specifically had anxiety with claustrophobic tendencies and also anxiety towards flying. I have found since the course & working with Brad anxiety levels are now at a minimum & I didn't think twice about flight to Sydney. Thank you very much & now I feel more equipped to have the tools to deal with any other emotions that occur.
About Brad

Brad has been helping thousands of people improve their personal or professional lives either through his trainings or coaching. Whether it's working through emotional issues that are holding you back or breaking through self sabotage that is stopping you reaching your professional goals, Brad has helped with it all. Brad is committed to helping people reach their desired potential and won't stop until the job's done.

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  • Help you get focused on identifying and achieving your goals and outcomes
  • Move you from a place of overwhelm to clarity
  • Help you reach your true potential by maximising your performance
  • Break through your limitations by dealing with self sabotage
  • Stop you from spinning your wheels and get you back on track
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