[Last updated: 18 August 2020]
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Medical Disclaimer – Courses

Our courses are for educational purposes only and aim to deliver techniques to help you overcome targeted problems that are common to many people. The content of the courses has not been specifically tailored to your personal circumstances and we do not warrant the content is suitable for your use. Use of our courses does not replace medical attention. If you suspect or know that your condition requires medical attention or psychotherapy care (eg a physiatrist), you must immediately seek help from a medical professional. You must not discontinue any medical treatment, go against medical advice or delay seeking medical attention based on information we provide.
You warrant to us that, to the best of your knowledge, you suffer from no medical or physical condition or disability ('impairment') that will or might increase the normal risks associated with participation in our courses. Alternatively, if you do have an impairment, you warrant that your doctor has approved your participation.
Where our courses include any pre-recorded audio content, especially guided hypnotherapy sessions, it is important that you listen to the pre-recorded sessions in an environment where you can safely relax. For example, you must not listen to the recordings while driving a car or operating machinery.
You acknowledge that participation in this type of education involves a degree of risk of personal injury, including a risk of emotional upset or reactivation of past emotional traumas, and you agree to take responsibility for your health and well-being in relation to our courses.
Participation in our courses, and application of any information obtained from our courses, are entirely at your risk. We make no warranty that you will have any success of obtain your desired outcomes. Every participant comes to our courses from a different starting point and with their own beliefs.

Medical Disclaimer – Hypnosis

Where we provide in person (or via Skyppe or similar) hypnosis or coaching, you acknowledge and agree that:
  • You have not previously, or are not currently, receiving treatment from a psychiatrist, phycologist or medical practitioner for the problem you are seeking help from us. If you have or are, you must disclose this to us and provide written consent from your medical practitioner for your attendance at hypnotherapy with us.
  • We are not medical practitioners. Hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) are alternative, holistic, complementary health services that are not licensed or governed by a regulating body and are not designed to replace professional medical treatment.
  • We reserve the right to refer you to a trained medical practitioner or psychiatrist if we believe we cannot help you or are concerned about your health or mental wellbeing.
  • You must complete all aspects of the sessions that are allocated to you. This includes participating fully in the sessions and completing tasking or other items that are set for you. Tasking items are an important part of your session and you agree to commit to completing them in full and to the best of your ability.
  • You must be honest about your outcomes and you acknowledge that, after completion of session(s) with us, it is your responsibility to identify if you fall back to old habits and to take steps to address this.

Outcomes Disclaimer

Without limiting the Australian Consumer Laws, where we make claims that we can resolve any particular issue for you, our claim is limited to:
  • Where you paid for a course that came with a money back guarantee, a refund of the amount you paid for the course, provided you successfully completed all parts of the course as required under the terms set out on the website. Please see our course terms and conditions for full details (available at the time of purchase).
  • Where you are participating in one-on-one coaching with us, we will continue to provide you weekly coaching sessions until your issue is resolved provided you remain committed to achieving your desired outcome, continue to complete all tasks set for you (for example tasking) and attend all coaching sessions. There are circumstances where we can terminate our coaching services, please see our coaching agreement for the full terms and conditions (available at the time of purchase).
If we provide information during our courses or personal coaching that relates to your health, finances, legal structures or other professional area, this information is general in nature only and is not intended to be professional advice. We are not medical practitioners, financial planners, accountants or lawyers. Before implementing any information provided by us you should undertake additional research and, if required, seek professional advice before making any changes.
If we discuss financial information for any reason any results or numbers referenced are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance.

General Website Use Disclaimer

This website, its content and our courses are provided on an 'as is where is' basis and any use or reliance you make of our website or content is done so at your own risk. We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or a third party arising from your use of our website or courses.
You agree:
  • While we endeavour to keep content relevant, we make no warranty about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the website, the content, courses or information contained on or available via the website.
  • Where we provide links on our website to third party sites, the links are provided solely for your convenience. Third party websites are beyond our control, we do not endorse their content and accept no responsibility for the content or other material that may be contained on the third party sites or any use you make of them. When you leave our website, other websites have their own terms of use and privacy policy, which you should read and understand before use.
  • All material on our website and within our courses is protected by copyright. We own the copyright unless indicated otherwise. Our intellectual property is an important asset of our business and we take active steps to protect it.
  • While we aim for smooth operation of our website, we make no warranty that it will be available, error free or virus free. We reserve the right to change, remove or terminate the website or parts of it without notice.


By using our website, you agree to the terms of this disclaimer. If you do not agree, please do not use our website or services. You understand that we are relying on your understanding of, and agreement with, this disclaimer.


We may update the terms of this disclaimer from time to time. We have included a 'last updated' date at the top to help you keep track of any changes and you should check back regularly for any updates.