Are you or your team finding it hard to achieve or meet your KPIs? Have you or your team's performance stagnated or is in decline? Not getting recognised for that promotion? Having a hard time delivering presentations or getting in front of the right people? Struggling to find a real purpose in your life or your business?
Whether you're feeling lost professionally, or anxious, stressed and lacking resources in your personal life, struggles to maintain motivation and wellbeing are becoming more common in these chaotic and nonsensical times we live in. Feeling fear about an uncertain future along with hectic paces of living are resulting in increasing levels of anxiety and insecurity for both individuals and businesses alike. This in turn affects personal and professional performance, resulting in potential profit losses, or a failure to capitalise on opportunities.
Our world is changing and fast. Many individuals and businesses are struggling to keep up. This can leave you feeling as though you're not optimising the many opportunities that a rapidly changing landscape offers. Personally, you may have been dealt a bad card and had some misfortune or made some poor choices in the past. However it should not be the sum total of your mistakes or poor choices, or lack of direction that leads you to a place of disadvantage. There has never been a time where you can shape an amazing future, if you are ready to change your thinking, your performance and results.
I appreciate all the difficult circumstances mentioned above. Having owned my own small business from 1999 to 2010, I found myself in a very scary and dark place when things weren't going well. My business was seasonal and geographically challenged (a dive shop not so close to the ocean), yet I had visions for bigger and better things. I just didn't know how to get there. Having in excess of $500,000 of debt, with no assets, at aged 30, I had to find a way to take control of the situation and make a choice of what happened next.
I appreciate how hard it can be to make changes; I have compassion for anyone that is feeling under-resourced, under-valued and the sense that they are under-achieving. The load can become very heavy when you can't see a way out or are uncertain of what to do next.
My choice was to find a way out. I knew it would be a challenge. I also knew it was the equivalent of my degree and MBA of what it takes to survive in the real world. I would learn lessons that no business school or university could prepare me for.
My decision was to get someone to help me see what I couldn't; to improve my own personal and business skills and to change the way I think so I could get a different result. I needed a new perspective and some tools that would enable me to think outside my own box, to see problems from different angles, to see how to adjust and adapt on the fly, to develop significant flexibility in my own learned behaviour.
This led me to find, learn and master some of the most advanced technologies on learned human behaviour and optimising human potential. I mastered these techniques myself and applied them to my business, resulting in taking a business that was on the verge of trading insolvently, to a business that turned a profit, enabling me to create a life that not only I wanted but one that I deserved.
Now I help others that are in the same place that I once was. Be it a lawyer suffering performance anxiety, or medical doctors that just need to pass their final exam to get their licence to practice. I've worked with surgeons who find once they get through all their medical training, they have anxiety about conducting surgery. I've helped small and medium business identify new opportunities by honing their focus, build leadership potential with their sales teams, and identifying new business development strategies for a rapidly changing environment. I've also worked with thousands of individuals, through my trainings, who find themselves lacking confidence, or are filled with fear and anxiety, limiting their potential yet are intent on becoming the best version of themselves, to create the life they want and deserve. To see people turn themselves around is incredibly satisfying and the reason why I do what I do.
I have a proven track record of front of room sales from my trainings, and results driven coaching for both the personal and corporate client.
I have been a small business owner or worked in a small business for most of my working life. As a result I understand the needs, challenges, and aspirations of small business owners and feel confident that I can help realise greater potential, no matter what the history or background.
Humility and a love of helping people ensure I create a safe and respectful space when I present trainings or coach clients. My personal goal is to shine a bright light on personal potential.
If any of the above hits a nerve for you or your business and you're keen to take action to tap into your personal or professional potential then I'm keen to get you started with 3 easy steps:
  • Select Personal or Professional coaching options
  • Book a time to have a preliminary call to see if we're a good fit for each other. You can make a booking in the email response you'll receive after completing the form.
  • Work out what is the best coaching and/or training program for your personal or professional needs. Getting the right help saved me and my business and it can help you and yours.
One thing I know for certain, results are not about who my clients are,
but when they are ready.
If you are ready for a different result, start today. Put behind you the old negative behaviour & thought patterns, and your story of why you do not have the life that you deserve or the business results you work so hard for and let me show you the path I took so you too can create change. Don't wait to become the best version of you!
The alternative is that you are not ready right now and will continue to do what you know and have always done, using the same thinking and stories that have gotten you where you are now, and given you what you have now. Although I want more for your or your business, I know the time will come when you are ready to try a different approach.
Start the rest of your life by starting to take action today.
Thanks for your time and we look forward to working with you.