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Anger Management Tip #1
Acknowledge the anger that you are feeling and tell yourself that you are now going to deal with it.
This is often easier said than done. How many times have you flown into a rage once your anger took hold, only to feel regret for the outbirst afterwards?
Find a circuit breaker to stop yourself from exploding the very moment your anger starts to take control. It might be digging your thumb nail into your finger, clenching your fist, something physical to breathing deeply.
This will give you time to recognise you're angry, acknowledge the anger and bide time to breathe and take control.
Anger Management Tip #2
The next thing you have to do is change the way you think about what triggers you in order to make a difference to how you respond.
Cause and effect is a way of thinking, a simple analogy that makes a big change when applied to daily life. The idea is that the only one who can rile you up is you; you don't have to react to what someone else does to you.
When you make the conscious decision to become the cause of your own emotions, you are effectively saying, "I'm in control, I'm the cause, I'm in charge of my state". No matter what someone does you can control your response.
Anger Management Tip #3
The last thing that you will help you with your anger management can only take place once the first two steps have been well implemented and practiced. Anger changes your physiology - you feel tense, heart beating, flushed, hyperstimulated.
This tip will allow you to remove the feeling from your body in a very kinesthetic and effective way. While it's a bit unconventional and out-there, it works well stopping the anger in that moment and is rather straightforward.
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