Using hypnosis for childbirth

25 Mar 2011
I've just helped bring our second baby girl into the world, using hypnosis, at home. It was beautiful, just the two of us and then three, in the comfort of our own home. But most people, when we tell them this, look at us like we've just landed from another planet. How could we possibly give birth, at home, without medical assistance or support? What happened if something went wrong?
My wife woke me up at 4am having been through a lot of the labour by herself, using the hypnosis techniques I taught her for the birth of our first child. By the time she woke me she was fairly advanced but I thought we still had time. I called the hospital to let them know what was happening. They took one listen and told me that the baby was on its way and an ambulance was being called.
Although a little shocked, I felt calm as everything seemed to be going well. Contractions were coming thick and fast but my wife was under control. I went into hypnosis mode and focused on the task at hand, supporting my wife. The midwife on the phone was guiding me but mostly she was listening in as we progressed. By the time the ambulance arrived, the baby had been born with Mum and bub doing extremely well.
We ended up having to go to the hospital anyway as earlier, my wife had tested positive for an infection that meant the baby needed to be checked. We arrived in the ambulance to an emergency room full of people who all seemed to be there to receive us. My wife, high on post labour adrenaline and happy hormones mentioned something about being completely fine and surely there were other patients who needed them far more than us.
There was almost 30 staff who wanted to meet the baby that had been born at home that morning. When I mentioned that we had used hypnosis techniques, several nurses were keen to find out more and asked me for contact details. With such high rates of caesarian sections, many of which being optional, another way was needed to help women give birth naturally.
There was no doubt that hypnosis enabled us to have a problem free labour at home. As a result of two problem free, drug free, natural labours, we are convinced that hypnosis has a significant role to play in enabling women to have the beautiful, calm and natural labour that they dream of.
If you'd like to investigate the use of hypnosis for a natural, drug free child birth, please feel free to contact me for more information [email protected].
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