Coaching tips for a new year

2 Jan 2011
Is it mind blowing to some people or just simple and nobody thinks about it? That was the comment my wife said as she listened to a coach talk about moving into 2011 online.
It's one of those things, if it's out of your awareness you just do not get it. Got to love the 2 million bits per second of information we get bombarded with.
Here is the thing; I did an interview with a journalist about tips for 2011 and the New Year, just three simple things I would say to anyone that would ask the question as to what they should do.
It was like I was the prodigal or something; the journalist thought it was such ground breaking thinking. I think I must have been taking it for granted but maybe not.
It's just so simple that people do not get it and for those that do it's mind blowing!

So here it is – the three things that once you do and keep doing all year will make all the difference for 2011:

1. Be at cause, take responsibility for your actions and choices.

You have a choice be at the effect of someone or something or be at cause of the results you get. Whatever happens ask yourself "how did I create this", "What do I have to learn from it" two simple questions that will allow you to take ownership of the situation you are in.
Remember it's not about self blame, just taking responsibility and ownership of your situation.

2. Focus on what you want

Fact is you get what you focus on. Time and time again it's been shown to me and my clients. So make sure that you 100% focus on what you want in 2011. To give you an example asks a friend what they would like in 2011 and I bet they will spend a fair amount of time telling you what they do not want.

3. Perception is Projection

What you perceive is what you project so make sure you project what you want and what you want others to perceive of you.
It's all about the information we get and give and most of it is out of our awareness
These three little techniques or thinking will make all the difference to the year ahead so be at cause and focus on what you want project it 100% and the rest will follow.
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