Can your thinking change your body?

7 Nov 2013
Today on a coaching call I was talking to a lady who is a "Quantum Healer". Her motivation for wanting to learn more was so she could get a certification from me that would allow her to get Public Liability Insurance to practice this technique. I had to explain in simple terms that just because you apply for a car license does not mean you can hop onto a motorbike legally.

We had a bit of a discussion about what she's specifically wanting to work with. She responded that she wanted to heal people. Now I am sure no doubt that the techniques that she has learned could enable or support the client to heal but to come out and say 'I heal them' is a dangerous concept. This is for two reasons.

In today's world the Western medical profession reserves the right to cure and heal. Big Phama would like to keep it that way, so society does not like anyone healing or curing, unless you are a medical doctor. This is clear and if you go back through history you will see many many cases of this.

Dr Esdale in India is just one example that comes to mind. He was able to reduce the fatality rate during arm and leg amputation by using a simple technique known as mesmerism (early form of hypnosis). Upon his return to London he presented his findings to the British Medical Association with a clear outcome of reducing mortalities by a third, yet the medical association believed at the time that if someone died during the treatment, it was God's will to punish the patient for their sins.

So as a complementary or alternative healer, you are going to be fighting a big battle with many Western medical practitioners and the medical authorities showing great cynicism towards complementary and/or alternative therapies. My only advice here is to fight the battles worth fighting as there are many medical practitioners who do recognise the merits and value of alternative therapies.

Secondly if you approach it as though you are healingl the client then the client has given his or her power over to you. This is a dis-empowering thought process. The best client is a client that heals themselves. So if you enable them to have a different way of thinking, maybe take on some suggestions that they can, in fact, get in contact with the part of the body that will heal them, that is a very different process to "I need you to heal me".

So think of helping people as enabling them to heal themselves, be the guide to assist, be the person to empower that person into the belief that they can heal or cure. And remember, best practice of working with clients is to always have a referral from the client's GP.

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