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Build a scalable Hypnosis Business!

Hypnosis To Success training is fantastic. Brad is an dynamic presenter, with an abundance of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who wanting to increase the success of their business and the success of their clients.
Tammy Graham
I found the information easy to consume with great concepts broken down into bit size pieces to implement. If you are starting out or if you looking at scaling your business then I suggest you get all the help you can from Brad Greentree and hypnosis to success.
Hypnosis for Success over delivers on value!
Glen Palmer
The new platform is so much more user friendly and the content is engaging and informative. I have found this new platform to be more beneficial for my learning and extension of my skills.
Tony Attridge

What is Hypnosis to success?

After teaching hypnosis for a number of years I could see that some great hypnotherapist did not get or understand how:
To build a business
Convert enquirers into booking
Have clients that are invested in getting results.

It's a very lonely journey re inventing yourself as a hypnotherapist or learning how to get the best result from hypnosis so you need all the help and support you can get.

This lead me to see the need for a support program to allow more people to be successful using the wonderful tool of hypnosis

Who is Brad Greentree?

I learnt about hypnosis is 2004, i did not really understand just what a powerful tool it would be for me at that time.

I conducted my first hypnosis training in 2006 at that point I was hooked and wanted everyone to learn how to use and be successful as a hypnotherapist.

+ I have fine tuned the process of tasking to enable hypnotherapist to have a client that is more invested in getting a result that the hypnotherapist. I was told that the very technique I will teach you in the program is worth more the $25,000 by a psychologist!  

+ You will learn how to fast track your business to a thriving 6 figures. Learn how to scale and have a 1 to many automated business all within 12 months.

How you can benefit from joining Hypnosis to success:

  • 4 weekly tasks breaking down the steps to success
  • Proven outline and booking process to make your life easy
  • Build your confidence by being able to follow a simple succesful process
  • From emails to automated booking all layed out for you
  • Have your questions answerd and access to one on chats with experts
  • Join the group live monthly Q&A with Brad
  • Have your own private chat portal directly with Brad

What you'll get

Short cut to success
Complete outline steps and how to task your clients so that they are invested to GET results.
With 4 easy weekly tasks 
Have weekly tasks to help you build the mindset of success. Have access to legal forms contracts and policy.
Have access to over 15 years of experience in training and coaching in the field. 

What makes this community different from other hypnosis and coaching communities?

Having been using hypnosis with individuals, groups and training since 2006 you will have a world of knowledge at your finger tips

Rather then learning from making mistakes and having to re-invent the wheel have the full rundown of how to build your business from week one to week 52. Learn from all the mistakes our members have made.

Great! I want to how to build a successful hypnosis and get access to the exclusive Hypnosis community

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